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me back we gave them to the volcaneros as souvenirs of our visit. If the fel

lows were sharp they probably sold the boots at a good price to the first party of tourists who happened along without this sort of an equipment. ALONG THE TRAIL. "There wa

s some difficulty in

Etiam posuere augue

getting away, as Colonel Watson's horse insisted upon having a private

dance just to show off his ability, and as the dance took place in the midst of the other horses, it made a disturbance until we could get out of the

way. The example bec

Fusce ultrices fringilla

ame contagious, and very soon some of the other horses joined in the dance, bu

t we managed to quiet them all down without accident. "We had been warned in the city that robbers occasionally interfered with visitors between Amecameca and Tlamacas, and if

we could procure an

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escort it would be a wise precaution, and possibly save us from plunder or

a fight. Colonel Watson brought a letter to the commander of the Rurales, or Rural Guards, at Amecameca, and that gentleman kindly gave us an escort of four men to accompany us

to Tlamacas and bac


, and murder too, was evident from the great

number of crosses along the road. There is said to have been a time when a man known to have five dollars, or even one dollar, in his pocket was not safe along this route. There were men who were ready to commit murder for a trifling amount; anybody who wanted to be rid of the presence of another had only to mention it to one of this gentry, and accompany the mention with a suggestion that it would be worth five or ten dollars to have the obnoxious individual disappear. In a day or two he would be found dead by the way-side; a slight stir would be made by the police, but if no reward was offered for the murd

erer the affair was soon forgott


  • en. "At any rate, that is what

    the chief volcanero, who acted as our guide, told us, when we asked him about the crosses. But bef

  • ore we go out of Amecameca, or Ame

    ca, as it is often called, let me say that it is a very pretty place, and reminded us of Interlach

  • en or Meiringen, in Switzerland. I

    t is 8000 feet above the level of the sea, lies in a sort of valley, and has [Pg 286] an abunda

  • nt supply of water, which rolls do

    wn from the mountain and sparkles in numerous rivulets that flow through every street. The water s

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